Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Impressions form Craft Conference, Budapest 2015


This was a second Craft Conf for some of my colleagues, and this year I took their word, and joined the event for the first time.  I’m going to write down some of my impressions, so it might be easier to decide on putting it on your calendar for the next year.

Where is it?

Craft conference is organized in Budapest, Hungary. The city on the Danube river is a very nice place to visit in its own right, so there is an added bonu.


The conference ran in 4 tracks, nearly always featuring a high profile speakers. These are either experienced consultants and speakers such as Dan North, Marry Poppendieck, MichaelFeathers or Grady Booch; or coming from the top tech companies in the world – Marty Cagan(Ex Google, eBay…),  Jeremy Edberg(Reddit, Netflix),  Adewale Oshineye(Google) …
The list goes on and on…

Buzzwords of the day

The word of the day at the conference was Microservices. Some speakers referenced them as SOA done right or relating it to the Federated Architecture. General advice, however,  was to start Monolithic and then migrate to Microservices as scalability issues demand. This is due to a whole new set of development and operational challenges related to such distributed arrangement. Related hot topis were also addressed – team size, deployment using containers

Keynotes and other notable topics

Keynotes addressed the current state of industry with regard to methodologies, such as reflections on agile principles and their implementations; technical trends;  organizational, technical and ethical challenges of the product development.
Other notable topics were IoT, Functional programming, and big data with both technical and ethical aspects in mind.

Further reading

As in 33rd Degree conference (now DevoxxPl) , O’Reilly  had a book stand offering a 40% discount on all titles. My favorites for this year, in the spirit of the conference would be:

1. Building Microservices

2. Functional Thinking

Becoming Functional


The venue was beautiful. Conference ran smoothly and people supporting the conference sported a great effort at hosting us ( feeding, hydrating and keeping us caffeinated ).  Their work is in background, yet still an indispensable element of a big event.

Am I doing it again next year?

Probably 😉

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